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Feb 21

If you have a vagina, 

And you’re plagued by yeast, 

Get to know the wonders of wheatgrass suppositories.

Take the wheatgrass pulp from the juicer, soak it in the juice for a sec to get it wet, and stick it up there.

Stick a plug of wheatgrass pulp in your backside, too.


It’s a plant & it won’t hurt you.

Let em sit for a good two hours, then take em out and throw em away.

Do it again the following day (with new pulp, of course, and drinking an ounce or two of the juice each day)

& I swear your body will let go of so much yeast it’ll be unreal.

Yeast is also an underlying cause of eczema for a lot of people, so your skin might calm down after you do this.

Thank me later.

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