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Dec 11

For those who don’t know, I do anti-racism on facebook as Jukebox Jones.

I was a member of the Son of Baldwin community from like, November of 2011 to February of 2012.

Robert Jones Jr was getting his BEST stuff from ME, often word for word. 

As I came to realize what kind of person he is, what was flattering soon became sickening, so I severed our relationship. 

After I made it clear that I want nothing more to do with Robert Jones Jr and his Son of Baldwin community, Robert has still kept tabs on the Jukebox Jones community.

He even shouted me out in the profile done on him by Racialicious (AFTER I severed ties), and he can see everything I write through his Son of Baldwin log-in.

He has stolen my wordplay on more than one occasion, and is even keeping tabs on my tumblr blog.

I post on my tashabilities tumblr blog about Justin Timberlake and Nipplegate, 

Hours later, Robert posts on Son of Baldwin about Justin Timberlake and Nipplegate. 

Robert Jones Jr. has been stalking me since I left his community in February of 2012, and I can’t do anything to stop it, even though I’ve called him out several times on facebook and tumblr with dates and screencaps. 

The work I do via facebook is HEALING work. 

I am giving people free therapy, basically, and using my life experiences with racism and sexism, we are breaking down these constructs daily via my timeline, inbox and even my phone, 

But nobody is entitled to my work.

So if I catch people who were silent during all my call-outs of Son of Baldwin still supporting in ANY way the guy that I KNOW they know is abusing me, I just block them.

How many posts do I need to make about this situation before people stop upholding abuse culture? 

If I know you’ve had more than enough time to be informed about Robert’s stalking and abuse of me, yet you still choose to remain neutral while benefiting from the work I do via my community, well, I’ll make the choice for you—you can’t hang with me.

I’m not here for the shaken vending machine treatment.

So Elicia Murphy sent me the first screencap via fanmail like, last week.
I let her know without expletives that her continued neutrality and support of the man cyberstalking me was not appreciated, so our time together had indeed come to an end.

Then, on Monday, December 10, 2012, Elicia Murphy sent me a second message via tumblr fan mail, captured in screencaps 2 and 3.

Let’s translate abuse culture for the healthy people, shall we?

"Hurt feelings are a bitch"—-Because I have no right to be hurt that people SEE this man cyberstalking me for content and swiping my words, yet choose to remain neutral about it, even after absorbing all the knowledge and healing I give so freely.

"It is a shame you and so many others want to make people choose sides" —-You don’t have to choose, honey, I made that choice FOR you, which is why you’re pressed and in my fanmail.

"Especially those of us who are not here for that."—-What are you ‘here’ for, exactly? Cause it looks to me like you’re here for upholding abuse culture.

So you’re just going to continue to participate in my community and get healing and empathy and understanding from me, while throwing me under the bus for patriarchy’s sake? Cause we need to ‘support’ a ‘positive Black brutha’ who has been REPEATEDLY called out for swiping MY content and words? 

And I’m wrong for not LETTING you do that? 


"When you go batshit on your page and go in on me, make sure to spell my name right." —-

I regularly receive racist messages in my inbox and on my timeline, and without granting anonymity to the senders, I screencap them so that I can illustrate to members of my community just how to break down the white supremacy therein so that it doesn’t hurt them. 

So even though Elicia Murphy has participated in many a breakdown of white supremacy via those screencaps, through her words here, she reveals that she sees me as mentally unstable, or ‘batshit’.

The fanmail feature on tumblr does not allow senders to keep a copy of the messages they SEND, so I don’t have a copy of the reply I sent to Elicia Murphy, but I let her know that no one is entitled to what I’m doing, and I block as I see fit.  

Elicia Murphy then replied with another message full of abuse culture, which you can see in screencaps 4 and 5.

"The biggest mistake pseudointellectuals make…"

While I am a writer, I make it clear that I am not an academic, and I have never touted myself as an ‘intellectual’. I’m just a Black woman in America who’s had some therapy.

But according to Ms. Murphy, I’m a pseudointellectual.

If I’m so ‘pseudo’, why is Ms. Murphy messaging me, angry that she’s no longer allowed to participate in my group?  

If anything, she should be glad to be rid of my fake-smart rambling.

And because Elicia Murphy is in my head, she knows that I think I have a monopoly on intelligent discourse, which makes it totally okay to ignore my ‘rhetoric’ about Robert/Son of Baldwin ‘steeling’ (sic) my intellectual property.


Serves me right, I guess, for thinking I have a monopoly on intelligent discourse.

Elicia Murphy continues: 

"However, he does have redeeming qualities and those are to let go of animosity and not harangue bystanders”

Abuse Culture 101 says that anybody telling you to “Let It Go” or “Be The Bigger Person” is abusing you.

But according to Ms. Murphy, I should ‘let go of animosity’, and get over this grown man swiping my intellectual property.

So asking people who SEE abuse happening to make a choice and help me call out an abuser is ‘haranguing’.

And when you see abuse happening, it’s perfectly okay to remain a ‘bystander’. 

I reiterated for Ms. Murphy that our time together has indeed come to an end, and that she should stop haranguing me, now.

But THIS is what a Black woman has to endure, y’all.

Even from another Black woman.

Just for standing up to a patriarchal, abusive, thieving cyberstalker. 


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