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Oct 18

Students Teaching Against Racism In Society (STARS) is a JOKE

Y’all, look at this.

It’s a facebook conversation between me (Jukebox Jones) and the kids from STARS, Students Teaching About Racism In Society,

And it’s full of fail.

There are people of color trying to justify the white guy’s erroneous inclusion in the campaign.

We got the Mexican Michael Sanchez, the Black Keith Hawkins, and the tragic mulatto Mitchell Gates all fighting for white ‘victims’ of classism to be included in a campaign that’s SUPPOSED to be about racism, 

Yes, Appalachian people are poor, but they are still white.

And with that whiteness comes a social mobility that people of color will NEVER have.

Classism is temporary oppression.

White folks can move out of their class bracket, but people of color can NEVER move out of our racial classification, or escape the racism that comes with it.

Yes, it’s bad to make fun of them and dress as Appalachian white folks for Halloween (but no people of color do that, anyway)


They are all refusing to listen to anything I have laid down for their young dumb asses and I cannot deal.



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    I knew something smelled funny…
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  3. aliahatch said: it’s sick. ESPECIALLY the colored folk on there, talmbout YOU da racist and offensive one. they need to wake the hell up and realize that the people they’re defending don’t give a damn about their brown asses.
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    Oh lawd.
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    This is incredibly disappointing on so many levels. :\
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    As an Appalachian white girl I approve this message.
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